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We charge by the volume your junk takes up in our trucks. The best way for us to offer you the lowest, most accurate price is a FREE NO-OBLIGATION ESTIMATE at your home or business. Our truck size is 15 cubic yards and this is enough for most junk removal jobs we typically see. But there are times when the job is anything but typical. This is why we always give you a FREE Onsite estimate, up-front. You are never under any obligation to use our services but we really think that you will find our personnel to be very polite and our rates so affordable, making it very easy for you to decide to let us get the job done. Once we have reached an understanding, our crew will get to work right away and remove all your unwanted items quickly and efficiently. We will even broom sweep all areas where junk was removed!

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1/4 Load = about 1 pick-up truck bed size load

We charge by the volume your junk takes up in our trucks. Our trucks have a volume of 480 cubic feet (12ft by 8ft by 5ft). A full load can fit about a one bedroom apartment.


Bed load Rates

Bed load items consist of dense/ heavy materials like cement, soil, sod, drywall, shingles, or rocks. Bed load prices are based on metric tons with a three ton limit. Bed load prices are priced different than regular junk loads due to the weight and labor needed to load up the material.